Hi, I'm JM!

I'm a full-stack software engineer with over a decade of experience building web applications at scale in all manner of environments and teams. From small teams to large enterprises, I've found success working on the front end and back end in addition to database development and DevOps.

Front-End Development

Every application needs an interface! Over the years I've worked with teams making responsive, accesible websites that need to scale. While the tools may change from time to time, front-end development is an opportunity to express the application to the user.

By focusing on development opinions developed by industry leaders, I optimize my time by learning from the experts before reinventing the wheel to deliver on-time. Some of these opinions might come from Sass Guidelines or John Papa's Angular Style Guide for Teams, which helps teams develop more consistent, maintainable code.

Additionally, keeping abreast of changes in the front-end community through Stack Overflow chat, Reddit or Twitter can help reduce JavaScript fatigue when deciding how to build the next feature.

Skills Developed
HTML5 CSS3 SASS JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap Backbone Angular Performance PhantomJS Karma Jasmine

Back-End Development

From SOAP to WCF to RESTful, I have delivered backends using C# with ASP.NET and JavaScript with Node.js and Express. In fact, most of my conributions on Stack Overflow come from my excitement and passion for back-end development.

I'm particularly excited to see all the hard work Microsoft has put into making .NET open source. I was so happy with Miguel de Icaza announced that he was finally bootstrapping Mono on .NET instead of the other way around.

Skills Developed
Node.js Express C# ASP.NET nUnit Mocha nHibernate

Database Development

When information has to be stored, I've always had a strong preference for RDBMS. Over the last couple years, I've had chances to weave in Document DB products like MongoDB and RIAK.

Skills Developed
MongoDB SQL Server T-SQL Map / Reduce


Every developer should have exposure to the life of automation, monitoring, and alerting that comes with application operations. I've had the great luck to work with cloud-ready environments that yield effortless continuous delivery.

Skills Developed
Heroku AWS CodeShip BitBucket Github Puppet Vagrant


Here are some things I've worked on


JULY 2015 - FEB 2016
Rover.com is a marketplace that allows dog lovers to offer services to pet owners.

While at Rover, I focused on modernizing the front-end development environment and the pursuit of improved performace for mobile web and web views consume by mobile apps.

  • Maintain Rover's web style guide
  • Implement additional services
  • Develop real-time performance monitoring and reporting
  • Reduce time-to-interactive on critical pages by over 20%
Skills Used
Python Django Node.js jQuery Backbone SASS CSS3


APRIL 2015 - JUNE 2015
ZampleBox is a subscription service that offers vaping juices and community engagement.

ZampleBox created a proof of concept for a peer-to-peer marketplace for vaping liquids and equipment: ZampleTrader. My work on ZampleTrader included the entire REST API, many front-end components, and the continuous delivery process.

  • Created the entire REST API
  • Develop multiple front-end components
  • Implement continuous delivery from SourceForge to CodeShip to Heroku
Skills Used
Node.js Express Angular MongoDB BitBucket SourceForge Heroku


MAY 2013 - APRIL 2015
Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible — providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

My role on the Cisco.com team helped the team adopt continuous delivery and agile practices by providing expertise in front-end development and DevOps.

  • Create and maintain several development sandboxes using Puppet and Cisco's own cloud offering - CITEIS
  • Expose sandbox environment availability and uptime via executive dashboards
  • Update page templates to use responsive web design
Skills Used
Node.js Express Angular Java Adobe CQ5 Jenkins Puppet


MARCH 2011 - APRIL 2013
Cheezburger.com, previously a Quantcast top-75 website, brings users 5 minutes of happiness a day by providing constantly updated, humorous content across a number of interests.

In order to scale Cheezburger beyond its Wordpress roots, we developed a content delivery system on Microsoft's new Azure platform that allowed us to scale faster and with improved uptime.

  • Develop new features, user generated sites and Wordpress migration
  • Manage processes for service outage management (aka: Dr TinyCat)
  • Implement updated front-end build systems
Skills Used
C# ASP.NET SQL Server Angular jQuery SASS
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